Expecting Mothers

Expectant Mothers

Dr. Justin and his patient, getting adjusted on her due date.

First adjustment as a Mother and baby getting her first adjustment at 3 days old.

At Chance Chiropractic, we love adjusting our patients before, during and after pregnancy. Proper spinal alignment is crucial for the ideal presentation of the baby, as well as for Mom’s delivery and recovery.

The Thompson table allows the Doctor to gently adjust the patient with drop pieces. We’re able to position the table so the patient can lay on their stomach, if they feel comfortable doing so, even at 10 months pregnant. The Activator is also an adjusting too that can be beneficial for light force adjusting.

Webster’s Technique is usually recommended to Mother’s who know their baby’s presentation isn’t ideal. Webster’s consists on checking and adjusting the sacrum (tailbone). The emphasis is adjusting to properly align the sacrum and decrease any correlating sacro-illiac joint dysfunction.

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