Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional Counseling

Fruits and Vegetables

Many research studies show that multivitamins do not improve health, but scientists remain convinced that vitamins from food are essential to health. A combination of factors, including the version of the vitamins that were tested, were responsible for the confusing results.

This represents a growing trend of research that shows that fractionated vitamins (synthetic vitamins that are only part of the food that the vitamin comes in) are ineffective in preventing disease. That is why Chance Chiropractic Center’s main nutrition supplier is Standard Process.

Standard Process (SP) is the leader in organic whole food nutrition. The vitamins from SP are dehydrated organic whole foods, just the way that nature intended. In addition to Standard Process Supplements, we carry several other high-quality brands of supplements that may be necessary if other factors or other genetic deficiencies are present

If your diet is not perfect and you need supplementation, the doctors at our office are experts at using muscle testing and symptom surveys to get to the bottom of your nutritional deficiencies. They will be able to not only add years to your life but life to your years.

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