Lifestyle Advice

If you are going to live in health, it is up to YOU. You can’t depend on modern medicine to keep you healthy. Modern medicine may be good at some things, but health care is not one of them. Modern medicine is good at trauma care, so if I break a bone take me to the hospital. But going to the hospital for health care is taking your life in your hands. Modern medicine specializes in disease care, not health care. After all the money we spend on health care in this country, we are DEAD last in health care among developed countries. What modern medicine provides you with, is at least in the top three and maybe the number one cause of death in the US. What is supposed to help is actually killing you.

What can you do? You have to take control of your own health. The top three causes of death in the US are cancer, heart disease and medicine itself. These are all diseases of lifestyle. These are the things that you have control of. Exercising, keeping your weight down and keeping yourself healthy enough to be able to avoid needing drugs and what modern medicine has to offer are key.

List of things to do:

  • Exercise regularly – at least 3X per week

  • Keep your weight under control

  • Eat Organic

  • Drink plenty of spring water

  • Sleep 7-9 hours

  • Meditate

  • Yoga

  • Dissipate Stress, take regular vacations and enjoy nature

  • Get regular chiropractic care

  • See a holistic medical provider

Things to AVOID:

  • Excess Sugar

  • White Foods – like white flour, white rice, white potatoes

  • Refined and Fortified Foods

  • Artificial Sweeteners, Food Additives, Colorings and Flavorings

  • Partially Hydrogenated/Trans Fats

  • Excess Drug Prescriptions

  • Over the Counter Medications

  • Those medical providers who just want to give you another prescription

  • Negative people and negative situations

  • Things that don’t bring joy to your life.

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