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Chance Chiropractic Center Testimonials

Gainesville chiropractors

“ Excellent, very comprehensive Chiropractic care. Dr. Hayden was very thorough in our first session and very accurately described what was going on and how his methods were helping. I can't recommend another Chiro in Gainesville more.”


“ Dr. Michael Chance is incredible. It’s amazing he can treat all kinds of health issues, from skin problems to Lyme disease, through chiropractic and energy meridian clearings. I’m blown away by his skill and knowledge. So grateful to be treated by him! He’s a very kind and nice man too.”

Mia M

“ A few weeks ago I desperately needed help and Dr. Mark came to my rescue. I could not have gotten through it without you. So grateful for you and your staff.”

Christine B.

“ Thank you Dr.'s Justin and Mike for literally straightening me out : )...after all the training to earn my Black Belt. You helped to keep me in balance and training! ”

Todd M.

“ Totally back pain free since 1996!!! ”

Lynn G.

“ Absolutely the place to go to have ones body reset so that it can heal itself.... "

Chip R.

“ Chance chiropractic is a fantastic place to get help for many different things. From allergy treatment to joint pain. Love this group of chiropractors! Have helped me over the years tremendously ”

Teresa D

“ Excellent service, personable, and give tips for managing pain at home. I can truly feel the difference as I walk and sit within two days of service. Thanks so much "

Kathy D

“ Always leave feeling much better. The staff is always very friendly and helpful.”

Christina H

“ I’ve been seeing Dr Chris Chance for years and have always been happy with the service I have received from him as well as any and all staff I have encountered. Thank you all for taking such thoughtful, kind care of us! ”

Susan M

“ Outstanding staff in the front. Cheerful and made my time there a pleasant experience. Dr. Michael Chance is outstanding!!! Explains everything before proceeding so you feel a bit more knowledgeable as you continue on with treatment. Highly recommend.”

Debbie S

“ The staff and chiropractors at Chance are always top notch. I can’t even begin to explain all they have done for my family. We are thankful to have found them! ”


“ Chance chiropractic has been an integral component in my health maintenance for 5 years.Top notch knowledge and care.”


“ Always a good experience, both front desk and doctor.”


“ Dr. Mike is the best. Always has the right solution.”


Chance Chiropractic has been able to help keep our whole family well!


“ Been seeing Chris Chance for 30 years and he’s just the best Chiropractor. Expert at Applied Kinesiology and NET-Neuro-Emotional Therapy. Very friendly and he gives you all the time you need. ”


“ Great experience! Dr Hayden was wonderful with my daughter and very knowledgeable! Def will be going back and recommending everyone I know! Very clean office! ”


“ Dr. Justin Chance is in the top 1/10 of 1% of chiropractors in the world. If you haven’t experienced this class of chiropractor you haven’t really had chiropractic treatment. You can’t imagine it. You can only experience it. Not just for back and neck pain. Headaches, earaches, ear infection, shoulder, carpal tunnel, knees, hips, feet, allergies, colds, flu, emotional, nutritional, even chest pain. Be amazed. Be very amazed! ”

Edward L

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